from love and dreams
Smogolice Stable is our family’s dream that came true; building the farm, however, was not determined by sole love for horses. We have been involved in horseback riding since many years; therefore when setting up the stables, we wanted to create a place where training conditions would be as good as possible in order to facilitate the work of horse caretakers and to guarantee them comfort that would encourage them to work.

Our priority is to keep horses in good physical and mental shape. We are anxious to bring family atmosphere, mutual cooperation, and openness in exchanging observations to our stables.

Our work with horses is based on experience we are collecting from the best specialists from Poland and Europe, mainly focusing on an individual approach towards each horse, which has been entrusted us. This means, among other things, that we carefully observe horses and look for signals of their needs, weak and strong points.
Horses are, simply speaking, our entire life.